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 James Redmond

Horror/Fiction Writer


Release Date: July 31, 2023

New World Shipping supervisor Ben Harrison is a happily married man in his mid-thirties when he wakes up alone—and dead.

Isolated in a strange new place where all the clocks read 6:55, the last thing Ben remembers is a series of both bad and good memories. When he finds a bakery that hasn’t existed since his childhood, he meets the owner, Harold Toll, who explains that they’re in purgatory. Ben’s Fate now lies in an upper power’s hands, so he must make the most of it.

Ben begins exploring this strange in-between place, where he relives six suicides alongside the victims—each from a different era in his New Jersey hometown. All the while, he confronts the realities of his earthly life in a desperate attempt to figure out what happened to him—and why.

Told through dual timelines, Ben’s haunting, emotional journey reveals the chilling effects that life—and the people in it—has on each of us.

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Hell's Maelström

Release Date: May 22, 2020

     This postapocalyptic story explores what it takes to survive in the face of unimaginable horrors. While the world falls victim to an unknown disease, Bill McGuire and Kim Leeds hunker down in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. As they edge closer to death from the dangerous heat in their tiny apartment, Bill and Kim cling to their sanctuary until looters force them outside, where the ravenous undead roam.

     To Bill and Kim’s horror, the last remaining uninfected people have given up much of their humanity in order to fight back. They realize they can’t trust the living any more than they can trust the undead. And something even more sinister than the undead has returned—a dark, supernatural terror with designs of its own.

     Hell's Maelström is a journey from author James Redmond that fans of survival horror books, The Walking Dead, and George A. Romero films are sure to devour.

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